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The Semantic Web with Perl Wiki

This wiki is a companion to the Semantic Web with Perl site.


  • IntroToRDFforPerlHackers - Some basics for the rest of the bunch
  • ToDo - A list of things yet to be done, also good starting points for new contributions.
  • MooseLowLevelAPI - The coordination page for the next revision of RDF::Trine and RDF::Query, when they will be built on Moose. These ideas made it into Attean.
  • RDFSemanticsToMoose - The coordination page for efforts on adding RDF semantics to Moose (MooseX::Semantics, Class::OWL)

Older stuff

  • DebianJessie - Things that would be nice to have in next Debian Stable


Unfortunately, due to spamming, we had to restrict user privileges. After registering an account, please introduce yourself either on #perlrdf on or to the mailing list and request to be added to the known users list.