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We got most of what we wanted in this page in there!

Coordination for next Debian Stable

Debian Jessie was frozen on 5th of November 2014. Any new packages to be included must be finished long before that (it may already be too late). Any new releases must be in Sid at least 10 days before that, and we also need to allow the packagers some time.

This page is here so that we as upstream developers can coordinate what we want get in there.

New packages

Perl stuff

Other stuff

Packages that are, or may become useful to this community (lets try to get in prioritized order):

Existing packages

Things that just needs packaging

  • RDF::Trine has a new release.
  • URI::NamespaceMap has a new release.
  • App::perlrdf and App::perlrdf::Command::Query has new releases
  • Dist::Inkt and friends has new releases.
  • RDF::DOAP has new release.
  • RDF::Helper has a new release that should fix debian bug.
  • RDF::Query::Client has a new release.
  • RDF::aREF has a new realease (old release already in testing, see
  • Various other supporting packages, Plack Cross origin, expiry headers, Moose stuff. TODO: Enumerate those that are important
  • Test::RDF has a new release

Things that aren't yet coded

  • Kjetil wants to migrate the current Moose code to Moo if possible.
  • Kjetil wants to code the HSP joining heuristic also into RDF::Trine::Pattern
  • URI::NamespaceMap should be on par with RDF::Trine namespace stuff, so that the latter can be removed.
  • Would be nice to have the RDFa defined namespaces in XML::CommonNS